Converting to MP4

The preferred video format for the Sideline Video Analyzer is MP4 with the following encoding specifications:

  • H264 video codec and AAC audio codec
  • 1 second (25 frames) between keyframes (GOP max 25)

Sideline Video Converter is included with the Sideline Video Analyzer. It's a dependable converter which may work well for you.

If you find the Sideline Video Converter too slow, we recommend you read more below about the commercial options.

Sideline Video Converter

Commercial Video Converters

We recommend the following commercial video converters:

  • Turbo.264 Converter for Mac computers
  • GOM Video Converter for Windows computers

You can purchase these converters either straight from the manufacturer (links found in guides below) or from Sideline Sports by including it with your license. The cost is around $40.

It's very important that you follow our guides on how to setup the correct converting presets when using these converters:

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