Guide for showing clips in halftime

If you are going to show clips in halftime, there are various ways to do it. Here's how you can do it.

Someone will be tagging in XPS Tags

Here is how XPS Tags works

Make sure that you start the game when first half starts (Tap to Play). Then it will be easier to synch the video to your events.

Here is how Tap to Play works

At the same time, someone will be recording

You can record in different ways. With a iPhone/iPad, a GoPro or a regular camcorder. But you need to be able to get the video file over to your computer in just a few minutes when the halftime starts.

If you have a MP4 camcorder (GoPro or other), you will remove the memory stick and plug it into your computer. You might have to use the Video Joiner from the Video Tools menu in the SVA to join videos if the recording was split into many video files.

Link and Sync

After you have the video of the half ready, you will link it and sync to the "Start Period" automatic tag:
Link and sync your video in Sideline Video Analyzer

You can record with your iPhone / iPad

Recording with iPhone / iPad works very well and here are specific instructions for that:
Record match with iPhone / iPad and use with live tagging

You can use Live Mode in the Sideline Video Analyzer

You can use your computer to tag in Live Mode either with or without a video feed: 
Use Live Mode feature in Sideline Video Analyzer to tag a match

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